By: Simon MacDonald

Is metamodernism found mostly in art? Oh, hell no. It begins in our visual mind and then transforms into all communication. From memes to architecture, we have the metamodernism forefathers to thank, such as Kerouac and Nabokov and a few others…  the Beats planted the seed and let that tree grow into what is known, as Metamodern Literature.

It is the individual, the artist, the dreamer, the one not afraid to be inspired and innovative and to share with the world his fantastic ideas. It is that which one sees, then interprets, then regurgitates that lives on to inspire more and to lend to giving more experiences.

Our visuals in are more important and more meaningful than any culture before us.  It is what drives cultures and society’s to believe in their leaders’ messages.  It is what drives advertisers to convince and share their client’s products like holy grails. It is what drives all social media platforms. Visuals, in our metamodern era is all our around us, bombarding us to go beyond contentment of face-value; driving us to understand references and innuendoes and memes as common-place on a global scale and understanding.

The metamodern viewer, swamped with visuals must now integrate with all communiqués on all platforms in order to be not simply understood, but competitive and youthful , and yes, with feet firmly planted in metamodernism.

The metamodern era began in the Arts and is now mainstream; where everyone lives in an individualize culture and society.  Where screens are first and foremost in everyday life. Where apartments have personalized balconies entwined with nature. Where each person has the ability to broadcast their thoughts from 1 to 1 million.  Where the audience is in control of their viewing content, anytime and anywhere.  An era whereby the individual is in charge.