MetaModern Metamodernism

Metamodernism at its core, is about the individual.

It’s about the old and the new and tech and communication, from the individual’s needs and point of view and will.

The power of the individual depends upon the individual; with selfishness as its driving base.

Does that make for a good era, it could; if people realised the power of one, for the goodness of the greater good, then it will indeed make for a good and progressive era.  Yet when the selfish individual commands his will, only for his good, there is no community, merely self-will.

We have entered an era of massive change.  Let MetaModern Magazine deliver the new era to you, through the eyes of the digital culture.

Gain an understanding of our new metamodern era, join us in understanding metamodernism.  We are the reporters, we are the journalists, we are here to provoke and to question for the greater of the local community and the global community, one reader at a time…the meta modern way.