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Neuropsychopharmacology.  Serotonin just got even more interesting.

Metamodern Psychological Therapy for Modern  Independent Wellness

By:  Collin Fjord

“change your brain”, “think about it in a different manner”, “reframe your brain”

All of these sayings are saying the same thing, if you can retrain your brain, if you can make it think a different way, you can change your psycho make-up and be in control of your nerves and emotions.

In true metamodern fashion even psychology has a new face.  Coming around full circle, brain level changing drugs have taken their place in medicine, now adding to that, is the discovery that instead of 1 pathway, the brain actually has 2 pathways, 1A and 2A cit Google Scholar. While brain chemical changing pills for panic attacks, anxiety, ocd, depression, and the like, now have their place and with the new 2 pathway discovery, and each pathway with its own independent application, adding a hallucinogenic (cannabis, we are NOT recommending chemicals) to the 2a pathway has seemed to make all the difference.

The discovery is that there now exists a window of psychological change due to the ability of the pathway 2A receptor.  It appears that 2A pathway can work in conjunction with 1A pathway to open up a window of time to retrain and reframe the usual frame of reference.  When that frame of reference is triggered, there now exists a moment of time whereby retraining exists.

The knowledge that, for a psychological moment, change can occur; the way that moment of the trigger was, and can be handled, for positive behavioral outcomes.

Neuropsychopharmacology has the ability to not only trick the brain, but now with psychotherapy ontop of traditionally common brain altering pills complimented by the hallucinogenic, the patient has the serotonin induced ability for honest and real change to eliminate or lesson the necessary ingested chemicals for “normalcy” due to the improved psychological outcome.  The ability for personal and permanent change is a neuro and psycho game changer.

Dr Carhart-Harris added: “I think our model suggests that you cannot just administer a drug in isolation, at least certainly not psychedelics…”

He added: “In psychiatry, as in science, things are rarely black and white, and part of the approach we’re promoting is to have a more sophisticated model of mental healthcare that isn’t just a drug or psychotherapy, it’s both. I believe this is the future.”

It is said that in about 12 sessions, with a willing patient, these cognitive behaviors can change, and become very controllable.

Serotonin, just got even more interesting…