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By: Staff

Facts, who is to say what is fact, but man and science. Who dare to be so audacious as to proclaim they know all facts.

The mere thought of such homogenizing of information should send chills through every innovator, leader, and man.
To imagine an engine to drive “facts” to the forefront , is to imagine a robot capable of giving birth.
“Fact” is based upon eras, societies, framework, revelations, concepts, etc.; not upon common multiplicities.

Google will be basing credibility upon “facts”, their verification, of facts.  This is a fact.

Think about it.

The question becomes, who is this singular company, this mega business, to decide the facts, to globally disseminate, one at a time, directions to that fact…that singular truth. Should that company have the right? This particular company has the reach and the trust, and that gives them the responsibilty for non-homogenous, immediate, changeable, nimble, new, old, right, wrong, plausable, possible facts and truths to disseminate.

One company, like one man, should never have that type of power, or influence or reach; whose information gathering, based upon their algorythms, concepts and ideas could have such influence as to affect global outcomes and paths.

History cannot be wrong.