By:  @MsMobileConverg

The new generation’s business culture has produced a uni-economy, with an emphasis on global culture.

The business owners and innovators of today have a vastly different idea of business and its networked intricacies.  It was when they were toddlers dancing to Boy George, and the Rat Pack was on its last leg, that a generation was born into our “Communication Era” as the first generation throughly immersed within all of its innovations, on a daily, necessary, lifestyle basis.

Elders, seniors, and babyboomers were the driving generations who had and still have the discretionary income and the need to follow societies and their common models. This includes device and engagement means, whether to drive their businesses profit margin or to top their own image.  As freely they received from their WWII parents, they also gave and often indulged their children in the fruits of technology and profit-margin goodness.

Due to their consumerism consumption, their generational appetite, and desire for immediate gratification, technology as a second language, was spoken in all households and schools, producing a generation of new “wired” businessmen and thinkers.  Today, they are of age; to take hold and to re-establish, as they know no other way, nor do they care about historical business process.  The new generation in charge is as his parent, only bolder, and technologically and societally boundariless.

The Alibaba IPO is a prime example of thinking and doing in a boundariless manner.  The unselfish business model is for the greater community without monopolizing the market, yet with unlimited business and profit growth, whilst never designing your actions specifically for a societal impact.  It is a way of thinking, a way of acting and behaving which generates a chain reaction of exponential growth without forcing that growth.

The new business culture is driven by the entrepreneur, whose natural life is technology. Technology is the Communication Era’s driving force, and together with all variables, innovation and value will be driven by the user rather than the capitalist.  Indeed, it is a new business culture, with a new global audience at its helm.