AI …ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, still waiting for my martini

AI …Artificial Intelligence

By:  @MsMobileConverg

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere and it is only the beginning.  The convergence of human wants and needs and technology is indeed here.  As we review our own homes in our digital culture, we see that we have been using artificial intelligence already only we refer to them now as, robots.

Today’s robots may be thought of as helpers and companions only on a personal level.  Such is the case with Alexa.  We call her name, and even if she hears it, she responds. We call her name and give her a command; what music we’d like to listen, the volume, waking our roommates with military revelie; turn on our lamp; start our LG oven…  What AI has not yet started is patterned intuition; whereby we walk into a room and Alexa knows that at 6PM upon entry, the foyer needs to be lit; then at 8PM upon entry in the cigar room begin playing The Script.

Patterned intelligent intuition certainly will be an integral aspect of Artificial Intelligence, just as we are now able to communicate with Alexa to turn on a light via voice.  As time marches forward so doth innovation.

Looking forward to when LG’s robot cleaner and people mover can recognize when I am too tired to carry in groceries and need very dry martini.