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By: H+ Technology

The Hologram has been here, the holographic lifestyle is here, it is working, and it is available, and is called, Holus, by H+.  The only question now, is the holographic lifestyle uptake.  Holograms have been within our world for decades, but not as an available technology, people, education, and lifestyle ready…until now.  Holographic images have been presented by many companies, yet the company H +, has it’s finger on the pulse of the use.  The holographic lifestyle, as we know it, and have seen on countless commercials and films will be within our homes, our working environment and on our persons as wearable technology.  The hologram lifestyle is, now.

Holus turns technology and information into an interactive, social experience that brings people together. It converts flat 2D content into a 3D holographic experience.

Holus “unlocks the pixels” and provides a magical blend between the digital and real world. The SDK will be available for developers and will grant them the ability to render holographic objects and develop creative interactive applications.


Scientists Grow First Bio Rat Limb In Lab

Scientists Grow First Bio Rat Limb In Lab

By:  Jennifer Hicks

Scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston have grown the fist bio rat limb with veins and muscles.

According to the findings from MGH, the scientists believe this is one of the first steps towards developing bioartificial replacement limbs that could be used for human transplantation.

Harald Ott, MD, senior author of the findings and MGH Department of Surgery and the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Assistant Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School, the biological nature of our limbs makes building a functional biological limb replacement a challenge.

“Limbs contain muscles, bone, cartilage, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments and nerves – each of which has to be rebuilt and requires a specific supporting structure called the matrix,” said Ott.

So the key for transplantation is regeneration. The cells must regenerate all of the tissue surrounding the limb, and to do that you need something to build that on so the cells can grow into the right tissues surrounding and supporting that limb. Continue reading Scientists Grow First Bio Rat Limb In Lab



Metamodern is steeped in old, melding with new, becoming it’s own entity.  Filled with substance and inherently built for the individual, the metamodern era indeed has its own tone and flavor.  As in each defined era, the metamodernist artist finds his forte, his series, his essence and makes it his, distinguishably, his. The company, L!berat8, technologically savvy, and innovatingly interesting, has created fashion wearable technology.  Fashion wearable technology with a key metamodern trait, the agility and ability to change. Continue reading METAMODERN, FASHION WEARABLE TECHNOLOGY

The Immediacy of Our Metamodern Digital Culture, the GMail undo!

The Immediacy of Our Metamodern Culture, the GMail undo!

In our metamodern digital culture, it’s good to know that the GMail “undo” exists.   Many ideas and actions rely upon another’s original action.  Sometimes we react in a favorable way, sometimes we over-react, sometime our fingers type faster than our minds, and sometimes we forget to include all that is necessary. Continue reading The Immediacy of Our Metamodern Digital Culture, the GMail undo!


Robotic Hospitality

Walter Disney’s, Disneyland animatronics fascination is now becoming a reality, and will eventually become quite commonplace within homes, resorts and businesses.  Robotic hospitality has the ability to encourage tourists and displace workers, but will it…

The advancement of science within the field of robotic animatronics, coupled with artificial intelligence has opened the minds of innovators in all industries.  Combining the skills of man, the emotions of man, the workforce of machines in order to create, and facilitate man’s and his businesses  needs will only press the robotics further into innovative actions and responsibilities; eventually making them and integral aspect of society and businesses. Continue reading ROBOTIC HOSPITALITY, THE METAMODERN WAY


Metamodern Smart Cities.  Urban Improvement Through Technology.

By: @MsMobileConverg

Imagine a #smartcity, where technology meets the needs of civilization.  Imagine metamodern smart cities urban improvement through technology.  That is our “now”, with advancements for our immediate tomorrows.

We have always had cities, population, and socio-economic hierarchy,  yet  we have only just had the ability to technologically associate and aid the workings and flow of a city to its civilization.

Now, in our metamodern times, we have the availability for additional input of data, not just any data, but “big data”. Continue reading METAMODERN SMART CITIES. URBAN IMPROVEMENT THROUGH TECHNOLOGY.


Near Field Communications, NFC Ready or Not for Primetime

By:  MsMobileConverg, inspired by Jonathan MacDonald
info cit – wiki (thank you Jimmy =)

In our modern world in our Era of Communications, we have experienced a growth of application widgets specifically set out to enhance and simplify our basic, everyday, lifestyle needs.  One of which widget via NFC, includes, “NFC”, Near Field Communication.

NFC, cit. wiki, (thank you Jimmy), “…is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually no more than a few inches…” Continue reading NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATIONS … NFC


Quantified Self

By:  Jonathan MacDonald

The Nike Fuelband is just one of many examples within a movement known as ‘Quantified Self’. In simple terms this is basically a process of being aware of what we do and how it effects us. For instance, knowing that by running 2 miles you burn a certain amount of calories, or that in a day you’ve walked a certain number of steps.

Moving forward we’ll see more tools appearing that enable us to access the data we’re producing and at the time of writing in the middle of 2013, the vast majority of comment is about the positive opportunities data recording brings. For Nike, last year’s profits rose by 18% in their equipment division due to the launch of the Fuelband, and for the public, it would appear we like recording and observing a lot of what we’re doing and, at times, sharing it with others. Continue reading QUANTIFIED SELF