By:  @MsMobileConverg

This is a lovely metamodernism video art piece.  Fresh in many ways from the some of this style’s predecessor’s which, itself is quite fresh in the video art world.

Demoscene, a video art form that encompasses the old still graphics with limited movement; now in full-motion, with music; abstract art forms turning and kerning and flowing and embodying all that is possible is the digital motion graphics range, with a beat.

There is a particular style of form, different form other video art and different from other types of digital animation genres.

The name is a bit misleading unless one realizes that demo is short for demonstration, which is precisely correlated to the time length.  Scene, because it only depicts one scene or theme, rather than other forms of animation which depict emotional trial and tribulations, often needing camera changes and scene changes.  These origin of this art dates itself, as the name was once so very pertinent, and has held steadfast , yet in its humble beginnings, this form was a demonstration.  It was they who saw beyond that which was, and seized the graphic as multi-imaged, and reprogrammed the code for an effect, in order to achieve a particular visual motion.  As the processors, storage and graphics cards  improved, so did the ability and the agility and the creative was only stifled by one’s limited thoughts.