By:  @MsMobileConverg

Video By:  Jonathan MacDonald – Speaker THOUGHT EXPANSION NETWORK

In our metamodern times, where the global world is at our fingertips in realtime, we have the ability to see and hear the experts, leaders, and futurists in any and every country, converged on any mobile device.  We are able to see thought leaders talks and ideas on, with the ability to make contact with whomever we chose via many social media platforms of our personal social choice, too many to list or even to recommend.  The forums and venues and conversations digitally distributed and personally driven are all around us. Yet, there is one common denominator that follows us through the centuries and that is the venue itself; an arena.tedx_oporto

The arena, the place, quiet and unfilled prior to an event, but during the event brimming with an energy filled with a euphoria like no other event; similar to a blank page which is then filled with the most thoughtful and provoking of messages, or the canvas untouched and blank then covered with massive amounts of paint evoking emotions beyond our thoughts. The arena, the gathering spot for speakers and audience alike, where hearts have words and words carry personal meaning.

One forum arena over the years that has garnered a most remarkable reputation for thought leaders and their ideas, concepts and passion is of course, TED. Its mission is about “ideas worth spreading” according to cit,, .

Within the global movement of information and sharing via devices, which in itself is a micro-informational source, exists a micro, local need and desire, albeit with global distribution, for Industry specific topics, is TEDx. TEDx according to Wiki ( , thank you Jimmy 😉 is the conference producer’s ability to license the name TED whilst convening in a local arena on topics pertinent to the producers of the TEDx conference venue.

Today’s thought gurus and futurists are able to be heard around the world, yet presented locally, but what does it feel like, what does it look like, what does the audience glean from such speakers.  The answers are simple.  Attending a TEDx conference venue is similar to the most inspiring motivational pep talk imaginable; looking around at people as thirsty and driven as you; gleaning inner meaning and a keener understanding of oneself and one’s industry from an experienced speaker who is passionate and expert about his or her topic.

It’s not often the audience is able to glimpse the blank canvas of the venue.  The audience is only privy to the performance of the public speaker, rather than the pre-production of the silence of the room and the emptiness of the venue’s electric energy of the attendees.  The audience is most certainly awaiting the thoughts, concepts and words, but what about the speakers’ and the venue itself.  A stage filled with nothing, yet readying to spill over with motivation and passion and truth.