metamodern construction




Living in our metamodern world implies that the individual is in charge.  It implies that within our lifestyle, we have control over our environment, which we do, which we always have at the least, tried to have, and it also implies that technology will somehow be involved; including our intelligent buildings, the IoT home version is here now, and burgeoning.

Our tech is as vital in our everyday lives as are our screens.  The way we give and take information and entertainment.  The way we clean our house with robots, our virtual assistants whose name we call out… Our lights, who’s at our door, turning on the sprinklers, the refrigerator informing us and creating our shopping list. Tech is our lifestyle. The digital internet is a utility

Although we’ve had start-time-bake and house intercoms for decades, the ability to run our households according to our lifestyle and only need program or ask aloud is new, convenient and adding quite a bit of value to our intelligent buildings, the iot home version.

Our lives move fast enough, being thrown variables daily from other individuals controlling their lives. With intelligent buildings, the iot home version allows us to decide what time and when; no one’s schedule dictates our household, but us.  Our appliances can be controlled via applications, with us deciding what if best for that day, that hour, that moment of need.

Individualism at its peak.

And intelligent building offers heightened safety and heightened security, as notifications to the homeowner and First Responders are simultaneous.  The ability for notifications are key to smart buildings and smart homes. Knowing when pipes may freeze, the attic is too hot, or a stranger is trespassing, allows for independent decisions and the ability for immediate action.

Our new construction, includes the aspect of #smarthomes, with the most common installations being temperature and safety features.

Many contractors are involving techies as part of their team to help them incorporate the most modern of Iot living, balancing and adding value to the home and business owner.