It is so written…does that make it right?

Little girls being married by the time they are 6, this is not fictional information based upon a new list of top selling books, fictionalizing metamodern literary romance; this is today’s society in Islam,today’s and yesterday’s Islamic child marriage laws.  This is based upon the new, which is based upon the old, very ancient religion of Islam.

The attitude of the father is purely based upon the desire for that which is best for the daughter.  The religion, based upon ancient thoughts, ancient health, and ancient populations and societal needs, actually still has a need for its existence in todays’ modern world, or so one thinks.  Truth is, the base of this concept is illegal, and has never been accepted in other parts of the world.

In America, Europe and most modern civilisations, we call predators, predators, and criminals, criminals.  Should one at anytime practice this type of “flesh peddling”, it would be met with punishment by law. Yet in today’s modern world, yes, in this age of metamodernisms, this Islamic practice is met with pride and joy.

Many are speaking out against this ancient ritual, but are they being heard loudly enough? How many must disagree with this type of “culture” in another man’s land before the predator-society is aided?

Is our metamodern culture to be so complacent that this problem of legal pedagogy is only met with an, “oh my, how terrible?” and then no action?

Our post modern and modern forefathers certainly would have fought such brutality against such innocent victims.