Springtime is coming and mercury is in retrograde…

By: Janet Amid

March 2014 Spring is HERE…

As we breath in the crisp, fresh smell of springtime on the planet, the signs and signals of life, awaken, after a deep, long winter sleep…

As the Sun begins to move away from the ethereal sign of Pisces, moving motivated fire energy Aries, a newfound sense of direction will occur, as through osmosis we experience the splendor of it’s affect on us all.

SATURN, the planet of stability, quiescent in the intense, financial sign of Scorpio accents structure, as well as our own personal security. In addition, Mars, the planet of luck, now in the partnership Venus- ruled sign on Libra, in balance to transiting Saturn will open the way to gainful opportunities, as it highlights education, commitment and spirituality, on a much higher level. Relationships, both business and personal related, will be enhanced by this transit and will most likely begin to blend creatively, creating a more balanced affect.

However on the flip side of this, March 2, 2014 MARS, the planet of action, will turn retrograde until May 20, 2014. As Libra is all about romance, peace, Mars turning retrograde will ignite a fire that will shifts its energy causing it to be more intense in its approach. It will be all about ego, winning at any expense. Drive and motivation become your mantra. Balancing our physical well -being with the right relationship is the challenge, as we begin to question the person we are with and why? Can we express emotional vulnerability? Do we really listen and hear what those close to us are saying? This will be a course in slowing down to pause between thought, emotion and action. The higher expression of Mars is directing right action via right purpose, choosing skilful Will over strong will.

For people born during this month, personal matters will begin to prosper, however it is very important to tread carefully. A sense of clarity as well as openness will occur as the need to be more expressive take precedence.

ARIES ( March 21-April 20) As persistent as you are, nothing can stop you as MARS your ruler, oddly enough, in conflict with your own sign, yet aspected in your career house, may find you forging way ahead of the game plan. You may find your intensity heightened. In addition, your alliance with others is accented as MARS continues to accent your 7th house of partners…a very strong period for relationships as well as social interaction, be aware of reactions.

TAURUS ( April 21-May 21)- This should and will be an excellent period for you, as you prepare to put your energies to the test. Your resistance to change will be challenged this month, as the desire to grown beyond yourself is expected. Influences around you continue prompts you to always innovate, yet can create unnecessary stress due to the fact that you detest change, however, this can be positive due to the fact that it leaves you unstuck..and forces you to do what you do best..

GEMINI ( May 22-June 21)- Interesting days ahead, as JUPITER the planet of gain, aspires you to be more creative in areas of money, while Venus challenges your every step. MARS turning retrograde in your area of love, may trigger unusual and unsuspecting love connections. Be aware that it may only be a temporary distraction!

CANCER ( June 22 July 23)- The accent for the nest few weeks or so is on travel, interaction and self knowledge. An excellent period for advancing yourself in areas of education, or creativity. Personal rejuvenation is the key, a new and better month ahead, as doors begin to open. However with transiting MARS nesting in your area of home, you may find yourself in the midst of some unexpected family issues. Be aware that much can be said about patience. Don’t be too hasty with your reactions.

LEO – ( July 24-Aug 23)- Recent changes in your area of partnerships, may force you to take a good look at yourself as MARS traveling through your area of chat may cause you to speak out of turn, and say way too much! Realize that delivery counts and words can be fatal. This cycle initiates the good with the bad. For the next few weeks or so, expect that anything can happen as you put your will to the test. In many ways, work related matters may undergo a completes well as favorable transition.

VIRGO( Aug 24-Sep 23)- Your life as you know it has gone through many changes within the last few years. Yet, the knowledge gained, is priceless. Presently, SATURN and JUPITER in balance to your natal Sun, allows for a sense of well being, as well as sheer pure luck. However where your money is concerned, you need to keep a tight grip as MARS traveling through your money house could cause you to spend without thought. Be care of fine print.

LIBRA – ( Sept 24-Oct 23)- As with most Libra’s, balance is the key. This month offers challenges as Venus, your ruling planet, at odds with transiting JUPITER AND VENUS may cause you to rethink old patterns. Also, MARS, the planet of action, now moving into retrograde in your own sign may create a definite shift as it changes how you to partnerships.

SCORPIO-( Oct 24-Nov 22)- Forget the pressures of recent months, concentrate on what lies ahead. The month opens up to new and better perspectives. Also, Mars, the planet of action, trine your natal Sun will enhance job related matters. In addition, focus on money matters, without getting to caught up with details.. A good cycle in which to move forward…..

SAGITTARIUS-( Nov 23- Dec 21)- With springtime so close, the time has come to finally take stock of whatever it is you’re doing and focus on yourself..this period signals a time of love, new or existing..this is your time to look ahead…you are approaching a strong, favorable cycle in your life..use this period to prepare for what life has in store for you…also, be aware that your instincts are strong this month.look for a creative outlet…if need be..

CAPRICORN – ( Dec 22-Jan 20)- Sometime it’s better to step back and take a closer look at a situation than to plunge into unsafe waters. This months’ setup, though very much in your favor, could cause you to act hastily. It’s important to realize that all good things come in time. Be wise, not hasty. Also, health related matters may be a focus for the next few weeks or so. Take stock of your own personal inventory. Be aware of possible changes at work..

AQUARIUS ( Jan 21-Feb 19)- Be prepared for many changes in the romance department as Venus now accents your own sign..A strong, inviting time for friends and new love matters. However, knowing what you want, is not as good as knowing what is good for you. Also, money matters flourish this month. The limelight is on you..

PISCES -( Feb 20-March 20)- Make an effort to become more reality focused this month. This is a good period to show what you’re made of. As Venus, the planet of pleasure and play, soaks up your Pisces sun energy, love interests can be new and exciting. This could be a good cycle as you pave the way into a new phase. as creative juices are flowing this month.

Astrological tips: Diet ? Health regimen? Best days, March 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20