The Rebalancing of Nature

By:  Staff WoodsHoleAppreciator

There is no doubt within our metamodern times, complete with climate change, that organic changes because of the climate change are occurring at a rapid pace.

Regardless of how of the reasoning of how these changes have occurred, they are here and they are now.

One such change is within our oceans.

The warming has produced an escalation of duration regarding the environmental evolution of upwelling , whereby “upwelling”, the wind driven motion of cooler, nutrient driving water to the warmer surface, thereby delivering nutrients to replenish and sustain growth. cit, wiki.

Upwelling is a natural occurrence.  The difference now, in the global climate warming, is the fact that in the upper-latitude regions, the upwelling of such nutrients will begin sooner in their natural season, end later and be more productive.

On the face of it, it is a win for the rebalancing of nature and some of the ocean food for humans.  The potential problem is that such change, i.e., duration and intensity begets too drastic of the pendulum swing, so-to-speak, and the new fertile, organisms laden area over-produces and becomes a “dead-zone”.

The colossal benefit of living in our metamodern times is that we are able to participate or watch globally, realtime the effects of the upwelling of the nutrients.

With the ability to follow along with Northeastern and Oregon State in their research, our global activists, researchers and volunteers have the conscious ability to participate, to monitor, and to manipulate the final outcome; i.e.  from the area becoming a dead zone.  The ability to infiltrate within the productive timeframe of fertile new ocean farming, allows for hands-on, supervised and well-researched oceanic health.

Being human and a metamodernist, merely means that we have the cognizance and the ability to essentially become the Emergency Room Surgeon to our Ocean’s emergency, and to accomplish a goal by understanding and participating with the system, as opposed to restructuring the system.  Understanding and staying within the balance of nature is key; an obvious trait of metamodernism.