The thought of the refugees, then and the Syrian’s now, have always been in our history and in our present.

We call for change, we call for peace, but still, after centuries, it continues; wars, and refugees, and now we have individuals who define the metamodern era, contributing their individualistic metamodern efforts for refugees.

If each could help, could participate in some manner, is that enough? Is that right? Or does it elongate the pitiful situation. If we invent and innovate for the refugees, for their pride, for a sense of human dignity, for basic survival conditions, then we aide for the present, for the humanity of it all.

The trick would be to stop the refugees before they become refugees.  The only answer to certain problems is to eliminate the reason for the problem.  The reasons always seem to be similar; one group wanting the territory and resources of another and over-powering the weaker of the group, forcing fleeing and fear in droves.

Here is one such brilliant product to aide those who only wanted safety:

“…The project brief, written by senior Interior Design tutor Dr Harriet Harriss, was created in direct response to the Syrian refugee crisis. ‘This project demonstrates the keenness of students to use their design talent to make a difference where it matters,’ said Harriss. ‘The Syrian refugee crisis is a humanitarian crisis that needs as many spirited acts of compassion as possible to help address the problem. Our students are determined to see their inventiveness form part of the solution.’

Teams of Interior Design and Textiles students were invited to take part in a one-week intensive design workshop to develop ‘wearable habitations’. This ‘hackathon’ encouraged students to innovate imaginative propositions for a wearable design that would provide adaptable shelter, whilst taking affordability into consideration and using sustainable materials where possible. …”