By: John Johns


What the hell is going on that the world leaders and governments want to numb the minds of the people. The people, who barely have time to think and understand what the world is about anyway. The people who have no fucking clue as to what they are doing or what they should be doing. So what do they think, shit, ‘let’s numb them up and dumb them down’…? Sure fucking seems that way!
When you’re high, on anything, you are not thinking clearly. Shit, you are barely thinking. And when you are thinking your mind is either set off in a direction like a rocket, or almost catatonic. So wtf is it about?

Is anyone questioning the fact that, that we’re not just okaying medical marijuana, but we’re allowing the stoners to have 24/7 easy access. Now, the allowance of such ‘freedoms’, like smoking when and where, like drinking is not the brightest, albeit, it is reminiscent of natural selection.

Maybe allowing all the idiots to be idiots and kill themselves because they insist upon numbing themselves is a good thing. Maybe we should just let them be and let them cloud their ideas, cloud their thoughts, stop any innovative ideas that could have possibly been blossoming.

Being stoned means a lack of concentration, a lack of lengthy energy, a lack of immediate commitment, a lack of motivation, a lack of innovation.  You KNOW THE DIFFERENCE between yourself stoned and yourself ‘clean’.

Being stoned does mean, relaxation, all is okay, I’ll do it…eventually…, I can focus on this one singular task without my mind and brain interrupting me.

Now, tell me, to whom does numbing the people benefit?

Think about it.

Now, straighten the fuck-up and participate with life. You can get stoned as shit on fucking Friday night, like all the rest of the lunch-box-Johnny’s…after your fucking obligations are done!

This is not to say that medical cannabis is wrong, but as with all medications, too much or too frequently, is medically wrong, and leads to differences in action and reaction; dependency, emotionally and physically may also come into play.

Stop buying into dumbing-down society, so that we become complacent, it’s not helping anyone or anything. However, it is, screwing-up your brain, your serotonin levels, your sleep pattern, your drive, your will and your confidence.  We are taught, in all cultures that drugs are wrong, so what now makes it ‘right’ to be irresponsible about smoking? Think.

Just pause for a moment, and ask yourself why the world leaders and governments want to numb the minds of the people. Think about it.