The Metaphysical Mind

By:  Janet Amid

August, the summer’s last messenger of misery, is a hollow actor.

– Henry Rollins


The SUN sign in astrology signifies the core essence of who we are – it is our individuality, our primal center, why we are motivated and what makes us tick. It is the prime focal point within our personality, more importantly it’s what drives us. Presently, the SUN is transiting in the fire-ruled, regal sign of Leo symbolizing the warmth and/or creative energy of the SUN which is ruled by LEO. On entering the sign of LEO from July 23 through August 20, the SUN illuminates a cosmic magnificence, a majestic self-proclaimed feel. Time to just sit back and enjoy the heat. As it conjuncts transiting Jupiter in Leo, that intensity is magnified to its fullest. For those born under Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, this is your month to shine.


Jupiter the planet of “happy” has now revisited the sign of LEO after a 12 year transit.The last occurrence was in 2002. Jupiter is an indulgent planet, a most agreeable, expansive, fun-loving and generous sign. Its transit in the social sign of LEO from July 2014 through 2015, will inspire a strong connection to children, creativity, theater, music or various forms of speculation. For those born under, Sagittarius ( your ruler), or Leo, Libra, and Aries, you’re in the zone with this transit. However there is a flip side, as SATURN, the planet of structure in the intense, money-oriented sign of Scorpio where it will remain until DEC 24, 2014, creates an obstacle to transiting SUN and JUPITER. Therefore do not be surprised if financial situations are in a flux, as money and work-related issues feel so unsettled. Specifically speaking, this could relate to the stock market, or any sort of financial undertaking. Those born under, TAURUS, AQUARIUS, LEO AND SCORPIO are most affected. So be careful for a few more months. In addition, the FULL MOON on the 10th, may intensify this aspect even more causing the fixed sign to feel more overwhelmed than ever.


Astrologically speaking, this community-conscious FULL MOON will occur on July 10. It’s all about being fair and acting humane, opposing the autonomous LEO SUN, shedding light on the relationship between teamwork and individuality. This FULL MOON in AQUARIUS reminds us that we are part of something larger than ourselves, and that acting on the ideas and ideals that are dear to us will benefit everyone. It’s time to take a step back from personal needs and ambitions, reminding us that individual fulfillment requires a safe, healthy and sane environment in which to flourish.On the flip side, those born under Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus may feel as though they are spinning out of control as the FULL MOON along with transiting Sun, and Saturn create an intense vortex to your planet influences. Emotions may run very high, therefore keep yourself centered.


When the Goddess of Pleasure and Play and the Lion meet on August 12, it’s destined to be a time of magic and romance. Things may seem larger than life when it comes to art, music, parties and even people. You might be tempted to go shopping and purchase that luxury item staring you in the face. When it comes to Venus, we cannot leave out romance. While she remains in Leo, love and attraction promises to be big and bold. This is no time to be coy or play it shy. The energy of this transit suggests drama, flair and strutting your stuff. It’s time to take center stage in love’s arena. However with transiting Saturn in Scorpio at odds with transiting Venus, you may find yourself toned down a bit, more suspicious than usual and more apt to be cautious. Not such a bad thing. After all, Venus is Leo has no boundaries and this may be a time when you actually think before jumping.

When Mercury comes home to his earthy home sign of Virgo, it’s time to get serious. When Mercury enters the practical and problem-solving terrain of the Virgin, our minds shift towards what’s essential and practical. It’s a time to sift and sort through everything that’s cluttering up the purity of the process — especially at work. Mercury in the sign of Virgo can be highly analytical and excellent at getting to the bare bones of a problem where often the best solutions can be found. Our minds are extremely sharp at the moment, able to zero-in on the flaws or areas that need improvement. We’re more likely to find the typos, mistakes and cracks in the armor.


As the NEW MOON in VIRGO begins, we move out of the Leo’s regal shine, and we find ourselves more involved with responsibilities, focusing on the human experience. Under Virgo’s visionary eye, we look for ways to perfect, to improve ourselves and others.
This New Moon trine to Pluto will strengthen and empower our sense of resolve. Sometimes through healing, painful emotions can arise so that they can be released, allowing us to clear the slate for new patterns and pathways to develop and take root.
Jupiter (expansion, good fortune) harmonizes with the New Moon (sextile aspect) which will provide a feeling of abundance and confidence. Discipline and some kind of plan will be required in order to really utilize all of this positive energy. Venus/Saturn conflicts sometimes puts road blocks in our way and patience is required in order to achieve the goal. The New Moon is a great time to start fresh, begin a new chapter. Create some order.


ARIES- This could be your time to shine through work or play as VENUS and the transiting SUN highlight your own sign. However, not a the best when it comes to money and possessions. If anything stand down for a while, and get yourself in order before jumping in to unsteady waters.

TAURUS – Between work and home you may feel as though you have way to much on your plate, as you struggle to keep everything together. However know that the transiting SUN and JUPITER transiting your area of home should provide you with enough energy to keep your stamina up. Also, this months FULL MOON at the zenith part of your chart is all about getting the kudos you so deserve.

GEMINI – With so many positive influences taking place around you, this should be your time to express what you feel to the fullest. As JUPITER and the transiting SUN engage your area of chat, you are not without words or social grace. In addition, this months FULL MOON promises to heighten your area of thought and higher aspirations. A great time to venture out, maybe do something unusual.

CANCER – With the transiting SUN AND JUPITER traveling through your area of monies & posessions, this should be where you feel the most comfort knowing that all is well in your financial department. Also, a great period to invest, or check out other options for financial gain as the FULLMOON on the 10th highlights your 8th house of values.

LEO – It’ all about you as the SUN and transiting VENUS travel through your own sign, the limelight is on you, however as the FULL MOON opposes you on the 10th, you may feel a bit over the top where relationships are concerned. New or existing partnerships take on a new vibration as you may feel completely overwhelmed by what is being thrown at you.

VIRGO – Sometimes it’s better to take control of the past, instead of letting the past control you. This months cosmic influences, specifically speaking the SUN and transiting JUPITER travel through the most intense, private sector of your chart, the 12th house. This is where all your memories linger, and where your intuition is deepened. In addition. as the FULL MOON occurs on July 10 opposite the SUN AND JUPITER, you may feel significance in focusing on health and fitness.

LIBRA – As the planets favorably chime with your own sign, this may be your month to accomplish all that needs to be done. Specifically speaking, the transiting SUN and JUPITER accent your area of friendships, bringing to light your best where social connections are concerned. Also, the FULL MOON highlighting your area of speculation accents your ability to win at almost anything. Great cycle for love matters, new or current.

SCORPIO – With the SUN AND JUPITER hovering over your career house, may find yourself in a dither as you feel very torn between work and home. However much can be said about your need to control every given situation, and to constantly feel as though you’re always putting out fires. However as difficult as it may seem, this period may prove to be one where you find satisfaction in finally getting things done. Also, the FULL MOON on the 10th will most likely bring to light issues that have needed resolution for a very long time.

SAGITTARIUS – You may feel quite at home during this month as the transiting SUN and JUPITER travel through your ruler sector of your chart, the 9th house. You may feel inspired to write, travel, and to take on new ventures that you have been aching to tap in to. This is your month to create, to just be. However as the FULL MOON accents your 3rd house, be watchful of words that may get you in trouble. Delivery counts.

CAPRICORN – As careful as you are with money, you may find yourself with the SUN and JUPITER traveling through your 8th house, a bit more cavalier than usual. Also, you may find yourself a bit more generous that usual, and less inclined to be obsessive about financial affairs.

AQUARIUS – It’s all about partnerships, both personal and career related as the SUN and JUPITER travel through your area of relationships. This may be your time to show what you are capable of. A great month for hanging out, taking care of legal obligations and being in the public eye. Also, this months FULL MOON in your own sign accents you. A great period to focus on just doing for yourself.

PISCES – With this months FULL MOON occurring in your area of thought, you may find yourself letting go of past issues, and cleaning out your mental closest. Also, with the transiting SUN and JUPITER in your area of health and fitness, this may be your month to be in charge of yourself. A great period to start a new health regimen