The MetaPhysical Mind

By: Janet Amid

July 2014

INDEPENDENCE DAY – In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

Dear Readers,

The SUN in Cancer from June 22- July 22- seeks stability and emotion as it supports both transiting Saturn in SCORPIO, and transiting JUPITER. This month we find ourselves more involved with creating some form of stability, whether it is personal, business or financially oriented. Emotions run deep, yet we stay true to our own sense of logic. A month of renewal.


What a perfect alliance, as the MOON in the sign of Libra on JULY 4th represents union, balance and equality for all. This particular MOON opens us up to connect, to get involved, to harmonize with one another. As Libra is symbolized by the scales of justice, the need for AMITY is totally activated. How apropos for this day!


We can all breathe easily now that Mercury has gone direct. Communication is much clearer, most of us feel less fuzzy when making decisions. Good time to get going on projects that have left on the back burner.


The FULL MOON in the earthy, Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn indicates supreme practicality. Achievement, responsibility, structure – these are not qualities that we normally attribute to the Moon. In fact, the Moon is said to be in its detriment in Capricorn because its qualities of emotion and fluidity have little room in the structured world in which Capricorn excels. However the effects of a FULL MOON create an intense vortex of energy as we are pulled between emotion and physicality. Emotions can run high, energy may be scattered

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, was last seen in LEO in 2002. It takes exactly twelve years to travel through all the signs of the zodiac. It lures us towards our personal dreams, the reality that we’re creating something together. Jupiter is a beacon, a light. As it moves into Leo we may find ourselves more involved with family matters, love, speculation. Just a freedom seeking aspect all together.


Venus is the 2nd closest planet to the Sun and is located between Earth and Mercury. Venus is called the Morning star for about half the year and the Evening star for the other half, and is visible from Earth.

Presently, Venus, the planet of pleasure and play is in the fun, social, communicative sign of Gemini, moving into the more emotional MOON -RULED sign of Cancer on the 19th.

While in the fun sign of Gemini we have our hands in everything. We’re curious, we’re social, motivated to be on the move. Maybe even to try our hand at something creative, like an art class, or writing perhaps? It’s a time to let down our hair as we become more animated out there. Variety mixed in with a lot of humor.

A domestic feel here as Venus moves into Cancer July 19. It’s all about family and attachments. However Venus in Cancer can be portrayed as moody, emotional, ruled by the ever changing Moon. However it’s a great time to nest, to pay attention to family, do some home remodeling. Just nurture the nurturer inside of you.;


ARIES – Family security, personal possessions are primary as the SUN along with JUPITER transits your area of home. Perhaps this is the time where you make changes within your environment? Possibly selling your home, remodeling, or just purging, making space? Also, a great period for family vacations, and/or just reconnecting with old friends.

TAURUS – As JUPITER prepares to move in to Leo, job security becomes a major concern. Possible changes within the work place may involve taking a chance by moving on to another level, or seeking out that job promotion you were anxious about. Nonetheless, this may be your month to start preparing yourself for change, although specifically speaking, change is not something you strive for. Also, money concerns could be lessening as the SUN traveling through your money house may increase your fortune.

GEMINI – With the SUN and VENUS transiting your own sign this may be your month to showcase yourself. A great month for personal gain, recognition or doing something that takes you out of the box. Also, VENUS moving into CANCER on the 19th indicates a time to change the rules as far as money is concerned. Perhaps this is your month to start focusing on saving or seeking a financial advisor.

CANCER – Emotions run very high this month as you have the FULL MOON taking place in your partnership house on the 12 and transiting VENUS moving into your sign on the 19th. You may find yourself caught between doing what you want and do what is expected of you. A good month to pay attention to those that may need your assistance. Also love matters can be frustrating, however it has it’s rewards.

LEO – With so much activity in your area of home you may find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. Frustrations run high as expectations are anticipated. Be aware of your own limits when dealing with family members, don’t bight off more than you can chew. Also, with the SUN transiting through tour area of friendships, you may find yourself more social and engaging than ever.

VIRGO – As the SUN and VENUS hover over the zenith part of your chart, career/work opportunities are heightened. A great month to seek out the recognition you so deserve. Also, with VENUS begins its transit in your area of friends, this is your time to acknowledge friendships, new or existing. Also you may have some unexpected surprises from your past.

LIBRA – Though balance is always part of who you are, this is your month to express that more so than ever through work. Also, with the SUN and VENUS traveling through your area of higher aspirations, this could be your month to seek out, become more adventurous. Travel is well indicated, however you may find that you are also totally overwhelmed this month. So take each day in stride.

SCORPIO – Your goal is to regain yourself financially, specifically this month as VENUS and the transiting SUN transit your area of monies. A good period to get back on track. Also, with so much activity traveling through your area of education and spirituality you may find yourself seeking out ways to become more connected with your higher self. A good month to introspect, learn from within.

SAGITTARIUS – As the SUN and VENUS travel through your area of partners, this is your month to focus on relationships, personal, business, new or existing. A steady period for all concerned as your 7th house is illuminated. Also,though a spender at heart, with transiting VENUS moving into Cancer on the 19th you may find yourself more in tuned to your finances.

CAPRICORN – Health and fitness seem to be the main focus this month as the transiting SUN AND VENUS travel through your area of habits. A good period to get yourself back on track, specifically now that MERCURY is now direct. Also, as VENUS, the planet of love moves into your partnership house, relationships become a main focus. Perhaps you’re open to meeting someone new, or maybe an existing relationship takes on a new perspective?

AQUARIUS – With so much activity taking place in your money house after the 19th you would do well to become more involved with what you can handle. Maybe this could be a great time for speculation, or just investing in a long shot. Also, VENUS and the transiting SUN in your area of chat reinforces your ability to express yourself to the fullest.

PISCES – Though a nester at heart, you may find yourself wanting to experience, take off or do something rather extraordinary. Although the transiting SUN and VENUS in your 4th house of home beckons you to enjoy your surroundings. In addition, creativity is at your fingertips, a great time to show what you have.

ASTROLOGICAL TIPS – Dieting? best days after July 2, 2014. July 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15