metamodern artist, Michael Heizer, MetaModern Magazine



Rock and roll.

Rock. Paper.  Scissors.

Rock on.

Rocks in your head.

You rock!

Rock your world.

Rock art.

Michael Heizer personifies “Rock Art”.

An original and slightly before his time, a true metamodern artist, in that he uses something old and breathes life into it, in a very metamodern, independent, yet societally appreciated way, artist Heizer has shown and shared an appreciation for nature’s own, rocks.

Classified as a “land artist”, Michael Heizer, was born at the end of WWII, a Berkeley California native and son of an acclaimed archaeologist, had a propensity for art.  With all of this in place, it is no wonder he became a land artist. He studied in France, landed in New York and gravitated where the rocks and dessert were the prolific, just like his art.

His rock art sculptures are dynamite, and dynamited in order to achieve mass and material.

As a land artist, his art work includes sculpting into the land, placing components on top of the land, and digging up the land.

Delivering a new appreciation from the natural forms of the western United States desert, to creating his own forms within the land, Michael Heizer, is indeed an independent, metamodern artist, reshaping and reframing that which is.  From his “Levitated Mass” at the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art, to his, “City” in Nevada, to his “Isolated Mass/Circumflex (#2)“, his works are grand, and his reputation as prolific land artist is rock solid.