Monsanto and Their Genetically Engineered Food

By:  Nora Goodman

Let’s talk big business. Let’s talk food and hunger.  Let’s talk about genetically engineered seeds.  Let’s talk about Monsanto.

The group most recently prolific in this area as of late is of course, Monsanto.  Not very popular, either.  Due to their genetically engineered seeds, many are marching in many states to draw attention to the facts of genetically engineered seeds.

In a few words, genetically engineered seeds are not healthful, causing everthing from stomache problems to organ damage.

The “Monsanto Act”, aptly nic-named, prevents federal courts from stopping the sale and planting of genetically modified seeds.  Monsanto, as one would expect, actively and persistently lobbied for such.  To implicate the White House as a participant, may be strong language, and rather than accuse, the fact remains that President Obama recently appointed the ex-Monsanto lobbyist, Michael Taylor to be the Commissioner of Foods.  The appointment may be inadvertant and only done due to expertise and personality, yet none-the-less, it took place.

Having the White House in bed with Monsanto is quite unsettling.

Money should not drive the country, but it does; great corporations should not be allowed to lobby to the point of destructive influence, but they do.

The farming states of Connecticut and Vermont have required genetically engineered foods to be labeled.  That speaks for itself.  When two prideful farming states, who have been farming since the beginning of the Americas join forces to inform the people about food, the world needs to listen.

Food and currently oil, rule the world.  They who have the reign of either, therefore rule the world.