By: @MsMobileConverg

We are a no-nonsense metamodern society, or so we think, oh, and we speak irreverently in slang.

We do not apologize for any of our actions.  We know what we are doing while we are doing it, and we do it anyway.

So what does a generation like us like to do in an era like this in our down-time? Be entertained, damn it.  See what I mean. It’s all just emphasis to us that we fashionably apply at-will; without regard for age or authority.  Yes, we are an irreverent, no-nonsense generation, living in an era of personalization.  We have no problem speaking our minds, which are usually collective and with the individual broadcasting ability, meaning shouting frequently on #socialmedia. We know we can be collective and we find our like-minds to back-up our opinions; and we are okay with that, actually, we prefer our lives over anyone else’s.

So when we want to escape we mean, we want to be entertained.  To fill our minds with nothingness really, fill our minds with empty-headed or thoughts not usually of our daily minds.  Just fill our minds.  Escape with visuals, escape with mentals, just to escape to the point of entertainment.

We live in a visual world and we absorb ourselves and saturate ourselves with visual entertainment.  And we are damn proud that we understand and enjoy today’s advantages … it aides the irreverence of our no-nonsense generation.

Living in a visually oriented metamodern world means there are screens everywhere to saturate and interfere with our thoughts; screens at home, screens in our transportation, screens when we purchase petrol, screens at our educational institutions.  Then there’s the practical knowledge that each person has a screen, and not just one screen, but multiple screens and each person uses more than one screen at a time.

Being in control of our viewing, of our applications, of our lifestyle has led straight to the irreverence of believing we were always right and with social media, being able to shout it out on as many platforms as we have logins, is empowering and lends to our always feeling right and justified in our comments.

But is that real?  Is that right?  Maybe society is really so filled with nonsense, that now, everything is nonsense, and the no-nonsense is actually nonsense.

Metamodernism is about the individual, and when this implodes, it will again be about the community.