Our MetaModern economy



By:  @MsMobileConverg

Our metamodern economy, as with all aspects of metamodernism is being created and based upon the individual.  It is the individual who is driving the innovations and the uptake of startups and successful  businesses.

The businesses of the new metacapitalism are thriving and burgeoning based upon an individual’s idea, and concept, and of course based upon the value it gives to the consumer.  The value is based upon individual needs and balance, rather than a board of governance or directors dictating that which they deem necessary for a group. The individual is in charge of his time and his needs and anything is possible.

Once upon a time, our economy was based upon goods and services, and manufacturing and trade, but in our metacapitalism, our economy is based upon information; global information available at a moment’s click  With only a question on one’s mind, and an internet connection, knowledge may be gleaned and gained.

Social knowledge is our new economy.

We are beginning to see the first steps and results and of our new economy as we are now firmly in the digital era.  It is no longer the building of the computer that is creating the wealth, it is the use of the machine as a vehicle of knowledge and information.

It is the value of the harnessing of the information as it pertains to each individual, the knowledge that the individual is able to obtain and transfer is what will drive a business to success.

Our metacapitalistic economy has already gained global traction; all one needs to think is wiki, twitter, airbnb, etc., to fully grasp that which so clearly is here and will be our sole source of economic gain in the decades to come.

Welcome to the new metacapitalism…social knowledge.