The Flexible Phone Phablet and Tablet

Well, here in are in all of our metamodern communication glory, utilizing that which is old, and trying to innovate it to further fit into our metamodernism lifestyles.

A smartphone. But not simply any smartphone.  A phablet with bendability.  The reasoning behind is that maybe, just maybe phablets are too large to fit into our pockets; thereby creating a need for larger screen, with a more compact fit into our jeans.

The concept is thoughtful, but will our modern societies agree with the application of the ability to fold? Will this type of innovation have uptake; moreover, will have “use” and value to everyone.

The same innovation is being designed for tablets. Foldable tablets. Interesting, but they will definitely NOT fit into anyone’s pocket, a handbag or manbag, sure, but will there be an audience for such a device.

Time will tell, and the marketing of such products will help to enlighten the perspective metamodrn audience how to use such a device.