The MetaModern Telegram for the Post ModernTelegram

By: MsMobileConverg

Think about it. The Telegram application, old name, old attitude, and all with a new twist. What does this app say about what is now important to its userbase.

We started in a phase of free AOL minutes with fake names; moved onto facebook with no privacy and account-only with real names; then we fell into public posts turned states’ evidence, cyberbullying and the low self-esteem; and, now the phase is back to almost “realtime privacy”…almost.

Telegrams, may again, be tossed in the bin, so to speak; they will self-destruct with a timer, on all devices, on everytimeline included in that chat.

The audience has spoken, and they have said, “enough.  Time for privacy.  My thoughts, are my thoughts, for how I feel now, for how I am now.  I do not want my moments to continue, until they turn into years, like an online yearbook.”  …or so to speak.  Chapters end, sequels end, conversations end, and now thanks to applications like whatsapp and telegram, society can relax about themselves and their exploration of self and culture, and control and its effects.