virtual reality the metamodernism way



By: @MsMobileConverg

Hold onto your controller cuz it just got real.  Virtual reality gaming headsets have broken the barrier of VR gaming.

Immersive experience.

The new virtual reality headsets are almost beyond comprehension.  For the same reason the 60” plasma, in its day was engaging, the latest media engagement headset solution, stands to become the new norm.  The virtual reality headset by HTC, HTC re Vive is spec – tacular, yet that is not the most amazing aspect of this media system.  The most miraculous aspect of this media is the brilliant immersion of your environmental setting.

The headset forges the ability to “be there” ; whether in combat or walking atop a glacier, your mind is tricked into experiencing the reality of that moment and place.  The HTC re Vive is the only headset, as of the is writing that allows a “room”, as a physical aspect of the environment, to walk, to move, to see, to become an integral part of that visual.  Imagine a place, a space, a molecule where you have always to be, now know that you can be there.  One may now go where no man has gone before.

The #VR world will be in your home, make no mistake and will take you away. Disney knows it, Sleep Hollow knows it, the #ATAS knows it, and soon everyone will own the immersive experience.

A video to clarify the incredible immersion and to show examples of limitless environments.


This brand, with it’s room technology is to be in the marketplace by the holiday season.