global warming chart



By:  Rockwell Valentine

Have you heard of the so called hiatus of global warming? No? That is because it never happened, but it was reported to have happened and to help to drive controversy. Yet, in truth, the global warming hiatus never happened.

A recent study that showed there was a hiatus in global warming has been accepted as a fact, but truly it is false. Stanford scientists prove this wrong with their own studies, and verify that it was false. The Scientist repeated the experiment and discovered that the data that was used to determine the hiatus, or pause, in global warming had many faulty factors. The faulty equipment was the main contributor to the discovery of the break in Earth’s warming. Once the Stanford scientist corrected the incorrect tools, they found that there was no pause in increasing climate, it just proved to follow all the other records that were logged in the past. The NOAA reports, “In fact, the rate of change in global surface temperature was not statistically distinguishable between the recent period and other periods earlier in the historical data.” (Stanford University).

A lie was being told to the public and a group of scientist proved it wrong and then took responsibility to inform the public that there was no hiatus.  The mistakes of the first test proved that there was a pause and by the concerned group of scientists proving the instruments used in the test were faulty, and not suited for the job, the correct findings of, no pause in global warming, were properly reflected. “…the recent period does not stand out as being abnormal.” (Stanford University).

“To understand how the Stanford group’s subsampling technique differs from the classical techniques that had been used before, imagine placing 50 colored marbles, each one representing a particular year, into a jar.” (Stanford University).

Stanford University challenged the trials of the other scientists, and did his own experiment to ensure the truth.

global warming chartThe test that the author was proving wrong said that there was a break from 1998 to 2011. Clearly, as you can see on this chart, there is no break. The scientists at Stanford re-ran the trial to prove that the pause didn’t exist.